Office, workplace and business vocabulary and conversation English lesson PDF

Office, workplace and business vocabulary

Office, workplace and buisness vocabulary English lesson in PDF for FREE


List of office, workplace and business vocabulary

A reception area 

B conference   


C mailroom 

D work area   

E office board 

F supply room  

G storage room  

H employee 



1 coat rack

2 coat closet

3 receptionist 

4 conference table 

5 presentation

6 postal scale

7 postage meter

8 office assistant

9 mailbox 

10 cubicle 


11 swivel chair 

12 typewriter

13 adding machine 

14 copier/ photocopier 

15 paper shredder

16 paper cutter 

17 file clerk  

18 file cabinet machine 

19 secretary 

20 computer 


21 employer/ boss 

22 administrative 


23 office manager 

24 supply cabinet

25 storage cabinet 

26 vending

27 water cooler

28 coffee machine

29 message board


a take a 


b give a presentation

c sort the mail

d make copies

e file

f type a letter




Conversation about the office, workplace and business

A. What do you think of the new _____________? Use numbers 1 to 29.

B. He's / She's / it's very nice. 


A. What’s................. doing? Use any name. 

B. He’s / She’s ___________ing. Use letters a to f


A Where's ...................? Use any name. 

B. He's / She’s in the ____________. Use letters A to H.


Exercise. Answer these questions about the office and workplace

Describe a workplace you are familiar with.

Tell us about the rooms, the areas, and the employees.

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