Musical instruments vocabulary list and basic conversation 

Musical instruments vocabulary list PDF

Musical instruments vocabulary list with basic conversation  

List of musical instruments vocabulary


1 violin 

2 viola  

3 cello  

4 bass  

5 (acoustic) guitar  

6 electric guitar 

7 banjo 

8 harp


9 piccolo 

10 flute

11 clarinet

12 oboe

13 recorder

14 saxophone 

15 bassoon



16 trumpet

17 trombone 

18 French horn 

19 tuba






 20 drums

    a cymbals

21 tambourine

22 xylophone





 Keyboard Instruments

23 piano

24 electric keyboard

25 organ

Other Instruments

26 accordion

27 harmonica



Conversation about musical instruments

A. Do you play a musical instrument?

B. Yes. I play the violin.


A. You play the trumpet very well. 

B. Thank you.


A. What’s that noise?

B. That's my son / daughter practising the drums.

Exercise. Answer these questions about musical instruments

Do you play a musical instrument? Which one?

Do you play in a marching band or maybe a rock / pop group? 

What  musical instrument would you like to play?

Which instruments are usually in an orchestra?

Name and describe a typical musical?

Which instruments are usually played in your country?


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