Medical specialists and experts that help people get better vocabulary PDF


Medical  experts and specialists vocabulary PDF


Medical specialists / experts vocabulary and basic conversation. English lesson in PDF

List of vocabulary medical for specialists

1 cardiologist 

2 gynaecologist  

3 paediatrician 

4 gerontologist 


5 allergist 

6 orthopaedist

7 ophthalmologist 

8 ear, nose, and throat 

(ENT) specialist 

9 audiologist 

10 physical therapist 

11 counsellor  / therapist 

12 psychiatrist 


13 gastroenterologist

14 chiropractor

15 acupuncturist

16 orthodontist


Conversation between 2 friends for medical specialists 

A. I think you need to see a specialist. I’m going to refer you to a/an ___________. 

B. A / An ____________?

A. Yes.

A. When is your next appointment with the _________________?

B. It's at 3PM on the 4th of August. (You change to time and date of your choice)

Exercise. Answer these questions about medical specialists

Do you see any of these medical specialists?

Which ones?

Do any members of your family see any of these medical specialists? 

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