Measurements and geometric shapes vocabulary with conversation PDF

Measurements and geometric shapes vocabulary


Measurements and geometric shapes English lesson in PDF

Convert measurements

1 inch (1”) = 2.54 centimetres (cm)

1 foot (1) = 0.305 metres (m)

1 yard (1 yd.) = 0.914 metres (m) 

1 mile (mi.) = 1.6 kilometres (km)


List of measurements and geometric shapes vocabulary


1 height   

2 width 

3 depth ' 

4 length   

5 inch  

6 foot-feet  

7 yard   

8 centimetre 

9 metre lines 



10 distance

11 mile

12 kilometre 


13 straight line 

14 curved line

15 parallel lines

16 perpendicular 





Geometric Shapes 

17 square 

a side

18 rectangle 

    a length 

    b width 

    c diagonal 

19 right triangle

    a apex 

    b right angle

    c base

    d hypotenuse

20 isosceles triangle

    a acute angle

    b obtuse angle

21 circle 

    a centre

    b radius

    c diameter

    d circumference

22 ellipse / oval




 Solid Figures

23 cube

24 cylinder

25 sphere

26 cone

27 pyramid








Conversation about measurements and geometric shapes

A. What's the __________? Use numbers 1 to 4.

B. ____________(s).


A. What's the distance? Use numbers 11 and 12.

B. .....any number.....   _____________.


A. Who can tell me what shape this is? Use numbers 17 to 22.

B. I can. It’s a / an ______________.


A. Who knows what figure this is? Use numbers 23 to 27.

B. I do. It’s a/an _____________.


A. This painting is magnificent! Use numbers 13 to 27.

B. Hmm. I don’t think so. It just looks like a lot of _________s and _____________s to me!


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