Recreation and water sports vocabulary and basic conversation PDF


Water sports and recreation vocabulary 


Learning the vocabulary for water sports and recreation


List of vocabulary for water sports and recreation


A sailing   

1 sail boat 

2 life jacket / life vest


B canoeing  

3 canoe rafting

4 paddles 

C rowing 

5 row boat  

6 oars 


D kayaking 

7 kayak 

8 paddles 

E (white-water) 

9 raft 

10 life jacket / 

life vest 





F swimming

11 swimsuit / 

bathing suit

12 goggles 

13 bathing cap

G snorkelling 

14 mask 

15 snorkel 

16 fins



H scuba diving

17 wet suit 

18 (air) tank 

19 (diving) mask

 l surfing 

20 surfboard


J windsurfing 

21 sailboard

22 sail 

K water skiing

23 water skis

24 tow-rope 


L fishing

25 (fishing) rod / pole

26 reel

27 (fishing) line

28 (fishing) net

29 bait


Conversation about water sports and recreation

A. Would you like to go sailing tomorrow?
B. Sure. l'd love to.

A, Have you ever gone____________?  Use letters A to L. 

B. Yes, I have / No, haven't.

A. Do you have everything you need to go ___________? Use letters A to L

B. Yes. l have my _________ and my ______________. Use numbers 1 to 29.

A. Have a good time!


Exercise. Answer these questions about winter sports and recreation

Which sports in this lesson have you tried?

Which sports would you like to try?

 Are any of these sports popular in your country?

Which ones are popular in your country?

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