Hotel communication vocabulary and conversation English lesson in PDF


Hotel communication vocabulary

Hotel communication vocabulary list in pdf for free


List of vocabulary for hotel communication


1 single room 

2 room with double beds  

3 non-smoking room  

4 handicapped-accessible room 

5 room with a view 

6 suite 

7 Room Service 

8 Housekeeping

9 Maintenance

10 Front Desk 

11 Concierge

12 Bell Desk 

a I’d like to order dinner.

b We need some towels.

c The sink in our room is broken.

d I’d like a wake-up call at 7 A.M., please.

e I'd like to get tickets for a show.

f I'm checking out. Can you please

send someone to get my bags?


Conversation about hotel communication

A. Id like a _________, please. Use numbers 1 to 6

B. Let me see If that’s available. 
A. Thank you.

A. ________________. Use numbers 7 to 12.

B. ________________. Use letters a to f

A. Certainly.

Exercise. Answer these questions about hotel communication

Tell about a hotel you stayed in

What type of room did you have?

What hotel services did you use?

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