Hospital workers and room's you will find in a hospital English lesson

Hospital workers and hospital room's vocabulary 

Vocabulary for hospital workers and rooms you will find in a hospital. English lesson with basic conversation


List of vocabulary for rooms and people in a hospital


A patient's room 

1 patient   

2 hospital gown 

3 hospital bed  

4 bed control  

5 call button 

6 IV 

7 vital signs monitor

8 bed table 

9 bed pan 

10 medical chart 

11 doctor/physician

B nurse's station 

12 nurse

13 dietitian 

14 orderly

C operating room 

15 surgeon 







D waiting room 

18 volunteer

E birthing room / delivery room

19 obstetrician 

20 midwife/nurse-midwife

F emergency room / ER

21 emergency medical technician / EMT

22 gurney




G radiology department

23 X-ray technician

24 radiologist

H laboratory/lab

25 lab technician








Conversation between hospital workers and patient 

A. This is our ___________. Use numbers 2 to 10


A. Do you work here?

B. Yes. I am a / an __________. Use numbers 11 to 21 and 23 to 25 only.


A. Where's the ____________? Use numbers 11 to 21 and 21 to 25.

B. She's / He's in the ___________. Use letters A, C and H.


A. Where's the ____________? Use numbers 11 to 21 and 21 to 25.

B. She's / He's at the ___________. Use letter B only!


Exercise. Answer these questions about hospitals

Tell about an experience you or a family member had in the hospital.

Would you like to work in a hospital?


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