Hobbies crafts and games vocabulary PDF and conversation


Hobbies crafts and games vocabulary PDF 

Hobbies crafts  and game vocabulary> English lesson in PDF



List of vocabulary for hobbies crafts and games vocabulary PDF

A sew  

1 sewing machine  

2 pin .

3 pin cushion  

4 (spool of) thread  

(sewing) needle   

6 thimble 

7 safety pin 

B knit 

8 knitting needle

9 yarn

 C crochet

10 crochet hook

D paint

11 paintbrush

12 easel

13 canvas

14 paint 

    a oil paint 

    b watercolour

E draw

15 sketch book 

16 (set of) coloured pencils

17 drawing pencils

F do embroider

18 embroidery

G do needlepoint

19 needle point

20 pattern

H do woodworking

21 woodworking kit

 I do origami

22 origami paper

J make pottery

23 clay

24 potter's wheel





Hobbies crafts and games vocabulary 


Hobbies crafts and games vocabulary PDF   

List of vocabulary for hobbies crafts and games 

K collect stamps   

25 stamp album 

26 magnifying glass 

L collect coins  

27 coin catalogue 

28 coin collection 

M build models 

29 model kit  

30 glue 

31 acrylic paint

N go bird-watching

32 binoculars 

33 field guide 

O play cards

34 (deck of)cards

    a club

    b diamond 

    c heart

    d spade

P play board games 

35 chess 

36 checkers 

37 backgammon 

38 Monopoly 

     a dice

39 Scrabble

Q go online / browse the Web / 

surf the net

40 web browser

41 web address / URL

R photography

42 camera

S astronomy

43 telescope



Conversation about hobbies crafts and games vocabulary 

A. What do you like to do in your free time?

B I like to ___________. Use letters A to Q .

A. What do you like to do in your free time?

B. I enjoy ______________. Use letters R and S.

A. May I help you?

B. Yes, please. I'd like to buy (a/an) _______________. Use numbers 1 to 34, 42 and 43.

A. What do you want to do?

B. Let's play __________. Use numbers 35 to 39.

A. Good idea!


Exercise. Answer these questions about hobbies crafts and games vocabulary

Do you like to do any of these activities in your free time?

What games are popular in your country?

Which ones?

Describe how to play one


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