Highway, streets, roads and signs vocabulary and conversation


Highway, streets, roads and signs vocabulary

Highways, streets, roads and road markings vocabulary. English lesson in PDF


List of highway, streets, roads and signs vocabulary

1 tunnel   

2 bridge   

3 tollbooth   

4 route sign  

S highway   

6 road   

7 divider/ barrier 

8 overpass  


9 underpass

10 entrance ramp / on ramp

11 interstate (highway)

12 median 

13 left lane

14 middle lane /

centre lane

15 right lane 

16 shoulder

17 broken line

18 solid line

19 speed limit sign

20 exit (ramp)

21 exit sign

22 street

23 one-way street

24 double yellow line


25 crossing /


26 intersection

27 traffic light /

traffic signal

28 corner

29 block




Conversation about highway, streets, roads and signs

A. Where’s the accident?

B. It's on / in / at / near the ____________. Use numbers 1 to 28.


Exercise. Answer these questions about highway, streets, roads and signs

Describe a highway you travel on. 

Describe an intersection near where you live.

In your area, on which highways and streets do most accidents occur? 

Why are these places dangerous?


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