Geography vocabulary list and basic conversation

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Geography vocabulary

Learning about geography vocabulary using pictures


List of geography vocabulary

1 forest / woods   

2 hill 

3 mountain range   

4 mountain peak  

5 valley  

6 lake 

7 plains

8 meadow 

9 stream / brook

10 pond

11 plateau 

12 canyon

13 dune / sand dune

14 desert 

15 jungle

16 seashore / shore 

17 bay

18 ocean

19 island

20 peninsula

21 rain-forest

22 river

23 waterfall



Conversation about geography and the landscape


A. Isn’t this a beautiful ____________?!

B. Yes. It's / they're magnificent!


A. Aren’t these beautiful _________s

B. Yes. It's / they're magnificent!

Exercise. Answer these questions about geography

Tell about the geography of your country.

Describe the different geographic features.

Have you seen some of the geographic features in this lesson?

Which ones have you seen and where were they?

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