Birds and insects vocabulary with conversation English lesson

Birds and insects vocabulary PDF

Learning the vocabulary for birds and insects

List of birds and insects vocabulary 


1 robin

    a nest   

    b egg 

2 blue jay  

a wing   

b tail  

c feather   

3 cardinal   

4 crow 

5 seagull 

    a bill 

6 woodpecker

    a beak

7 pigeon 

8 owl 

9 hawk

10 eagle

    a claw

11 swan

12 hummingbird  

13 duck 

14 sparrow

15 goose - geese

16 penguin 

17 flamingo

18 crane

19 stork 

20 pelican 

21 peacock

22 parrot

23 ostrich  


24 fly

25 ladybird

26 firefly /

27 moth 

28 caterpillar

    a cocoon 

29 butterfly

30 tick 

31 mosquito

32 dragonfly 



33 spider

    a web

34 praying mantis

35 wasp

36 bee

    a beehive

37 grasshopper

38 beetle

39 scorpion

40 centipede

41 cricket

Conversation about birds and insects 

A. Is that a./an ______? -

B. No. l think lt's a / an _________. 


A. Hold still! There's a _________ on your shirt!

B. Oh! Can you get It off me?

A. There! It's gone!


Exercise. Answer these questions about birds and insects

What birds and insects are there where you live?

Does your culture have any popular folk tales or children’s stories about birds or insects?

Tell us a story you know.

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