Basic mathematics vocabulary list and conversation English lesson

Basic mathematics vocabulary list PDF

Basic mathematics vocabulary and general conversation

* equals, you can also use 'is'

Conversation about basic mathematics between 2 people

A. How much is two plus one?
B. Two plus one equals / is three. You can also say: is

A. ls this on sale? 
B. Yes. lt’s __________ off the regular price.

A. ls the gas tank almost empty?
B. It's about _________ full.

A. How did you do on the test? 

B. I got _____________ percent of the answers correct.

A. What’s the weather forecast?
B There's a ________ percent chance of snow.

A. What math course are you taking this year?
B. I’m taking ________.

Exercise. Answer these questions about basic mathematics

Are you good at maths?

Tell us about something you bought on sale.

How much off the regular price was it?


What percentage of people in your country live in cities?

What percentage of people live on farms?

What percentage of people vote in general elections?

What percentage of people work in factories?

What maths courses did you take at School?


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