At the beach with friends and family vocabulary and conversation


At the beach vocabulary list vocabulary 

Beach, seaside vocabulary. English lesson on PDF with conversation



List of vocabulary for At the beach vocabulary list PDF

1 lifeguard  

2 lifeguard stand   

3 life preserver   

4 snack bar/  

refreshment stand   

5 vendor  

6 swimmer   

7 wave 

8 surfer

9 kite

10 beach chair

11 beach umbrella

12 sand castle

13 boogie board

14 sunbather

15 sunglasses

16 (beach) towel

17 beach ball 

18 surfboard

19 seashell/shell 

20 rock

21 cooler

22 sun hat

23 sunscreen / sunblock;

suntan lotion

24 (beach) blanket

25 shovel

26 pail


Conversation about at the beach vocabulary list PDF

A. What a nice beach!  

B. It is. Look at all the ___________________s! Use numbers 1 to 25.

A. Are you ready for the beach?

B. Almost. just have to get my _________. Use numbers 9 to 11, 13, 15 to 18and 21 to 26

Exercise. Answer these questions about at the beach vocabulary list PDF

 Do you like to go to the beach?

Describe your favourite beach.

What do you take when you go there?


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