Arriving at a destination vocabulary and conversation English lesson in PDF


Arriving at a destination vocabulary


Arriving at your destination vocabulary English lesson


List of vocabulary for arriving at a destination


1 immigration /  

passport control   

2 baggage claim area   

3 customs    

4 money exchange 


5 taxi stand

6 shuttle bus

7 car rental counters

8 hotel courtesy


9 restrooms

10 passport

11 visa

12 baggage claim check

13 customs declaration form​


Conversation about arriving at a destination

Where’s fl?

A. May I see your

B. My __________? Yes. Here you are. Use numbers 10 to 13

A. Thank you.


A. Excuse me. Where’s  __________? Use numbers 1 to 3.

B. Over there.


A. Excuse me. Where’s the __________? Use numbers 2 and 4 to 6.

B. Over there.


A. Excuse me. Where are the .___________? Use numbers 7 to 9.

B. Over there.

At immigration / passport control  
A. What is the purpose of your trip business or pleasure?

B. ______________.

A.. How long do you plan to stay?

B. _____________

At customs

A. How many bags do you have? 

B. ________________.

A can you open them! Please? I need to inspect them. 

B. Certainly.

Exercise. Answer these questions about Arriving at a destination

Tell about your arrival at a destination.

Where did you arrive?

Where did you go?

What happened after you arrived?

What did you go?

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