Animals and pets vocabulary list with basic conversation English lesson

Animals and pets vocabulary

Animals and pets vocabulary.

List of animals and pets vocabulary

1 moose  
    a antler 

2 polar bear    

3 deer  
    a hoof - hooves    

4 wolf - wolves 
    a coat / fur 

5 (black) bear  
a claw  

6 mountain lion  

7 (grizzly) bear 



8 buffalo/ bison

9 coyote 

10 fox

11 skunk 

12 porcupine

    a quill 

13 rabbit 

14 beaver

15 raccoon 

16 possum/opossum



17 horse

    a tail 

18 pony

19 donkey 

20 armadillo

21 bat

22 worm 

23 slug 

24 monkey

25 anteater

26 llama

27 jaguar 

    a spots 

28 mouse 

29 rat

30 chipmunk

31 squirrel

32 gopher

33 prairie dog 

34 cat 

    a whiskers


35 kitten

36 dog

37 puppy

38 hamster

39 gerbil

40 guinea pig

41 goldfish

42 canary

43 parakeet





Wild animal and pets vocabular

Wild animals and pets vocabulary.  

List of wild animal and pets vocabulary

44 antelope  

45 baboon 

46 rhinoceros   

    a horn   

47 panda 

48 orangutan  

49 panther

50 gibbon

51 tiger

    a paw

52 camel 

    a hump

53 elephant

    a tusk 

    b trunk 

54 hyena 

55 lion 

    a mane 

56 giraffe 

57 zebra 

    a stripes

58 chimpanzee

59 hippopotamus 

60 leopard


61 gorilla

62 kangaroo

    a pouch

63 koala bear

64 platypus

Conversation about animals and pets between friends


A. Look at that ______! Use numbers 1 to 33 and 44 to 64.

B. Wow! That’s the biggest _______ I’ve ever seen!

A. Do you have a pet?

B. Yes. I have a ________. Use numbers 33 to 43.

A. What's your _______ name?

B. _____________. (Choose any name).


Exercise. Answer these questions about animals and pets

What animals are there where you live?

If you could be an animal, which animal would you like to be and why?

Is there a zoo near where you live?

What animals does it have?

Does your culture have any popular folk tales or children’s stories about animals? 

Do you have any pets in your home?

What are some common pets In your country?

Tell us a story you know about animals.

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