Hotel vocabulary with pictures and conversation


Hotel vocabulary

Hotel vocabulary with pictures and conversation English lesson in PDF for free


List of  hotel vocabulary 


1 doorman  

2 valet parking 

3 parking attendant  

4 bellhop   

5 luggage cart  

6 bell captain   

7 lobby

8 front desk

9 desk clerk  

10 guest

11 concierge desk

12 concierge 

13 restaurant


14 meeting room 

15 gift shop

16 pool 

17 exercise room 

18 elevator

19 ice machine


20 hall / hallway

21 room key

21 room key

22 housekeeping cart

23 housekeeper

24 guest room

25 room service


Conversation about 2 people at a hotel

A. Excuse me. Where’s the _________?

B. Right over there.

A. Thanks.


A. Where do you work?

B. l work at the Grand Hotel. 

A. What do you do there? ‘ 

B. I’m a / an _____________.


Exercise. Answer these questions about hotel in the comments below

Tell about a hotel you are familiar with.

In your opinion, which hotel employee has the most interesting job?

Describe the place and the people.

Describe the most difficult job and Why?


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