Aeroplane / airplane and airlines vocabulary and conversation


Aeroplane and airlines vocabulary 

Aeroplane = British English and airplane = American English


Aeroplane / airplane and airline vocabulary with English conversation English lesson


List of vocabulary for an aeroplane / airplane and airline

1 cockpit 

2 pilot/captain    

3 co-pilot sign 

4 lavatory /  

bathroom sign 

5 flight attendant   

6 overhead   


7 aisle  

8 window seat   

9 middle seat

10 aisle seat

11 Fasten Seat

Belt sign

12 No Smoking


13 call button

14 oxygen mask

15 emergency exit  

16 tray (table)

17 emergency 

instruction card

18 air sickness 


19 life vest / 

life jacket  

20 runway 

21 terminal  


22 control tower

23 aeroplane / 

plane / jet


A take off you 


B empty your 


C put your bag on

the conveyor belt 

D put your computer

 in a tray

E walk through

metal detector


F check in 

at the gate

G get your 

boarding pass

H board the 


I stow your 

carry-on bag

J fInd your seat

K fasten your 

seat belt 


Conversation about aeroplanes / airplanes and  airlines

A. Where’s the ________? Use numbers 1 to 23.

B. ln / On / Next to / Behind / ln front of / Above / Below the ___________.


A. Please __________. Use letters A to K.

B. All right. Certainly.


Exercise. Answer these questions about aeroplanes / airplanes and airlines

Have you ever flown in an aeroplane? 

Tell about a flight you took

Be an airport security officer! 

Now, be a flight attendant! Give passengers instructions as they go through the security area. 

Give passengers instructions before take-off.


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