Talking about the weather between 2 friends at school

What is the conversation between 2 people about?

Linda and Jane are talking about the weather, while walking to their next class.


Linda: Oh, it feels so cold this morning.


Jane: It sure is. Early this morning my car’s windshield was covered with frost. I had to spray it with water before I could head to school.


Linda: Who would have thought it could be this cold in early December, especially in California.


Jane: I know. The temperature was 35 degrees Fahrenheit when I woke up this morning. I was freezing as soon as I got out of bed. The cold weather just hit me by surprise.


Linda: I cannot remember when it was this cold in early December.

Jane: Brace yourself for the rain this afternoon. Cold and wet, Yuck!

Linda: It is going to rain this afternoon?

Jane: Not only this afternoon, but also the rest of the week.


Linda: Oh, it is going to be miserable. I have a full class schedule today and tomorrow. To walk from class to class, I will have to juggle my books and my umbrella trying not to get wet.


Jane: You carry too many books. Why don’t you leave some of them in your locker?


Linda: My locker is a long way from my English classes. This is the reason why I carry all my books with me. Is it going to rain hard or just drizzle?


Jane: The news said that it would start to drizzle around noon, and then it would rain really hard by three o’clock.


Linda: No hope for better weather this week?


Jane: There is a slim chance of sunshine by Saturday. However, it will be foggy, windy, and rainy before the sun comes out this weekend.


Linda: I am glad that it rains even though I do not like rainy weather. We have a very dry season so far this year.


Jane: Yes, I can hardly remember when it rained last time. Well, as long as there is no thunder or lightning, I can bear it.


Linda: We rarely have thunder or lightning in California.


Jane: We are very lucky that California has one of the best weather conditions in America. When it is hot, it is not humid; when it rains, there is no thunder or lightning, and the cold weather during the winter season is quite mild compared to the weather of the other states.


Linda: Yes, we are lucky. However, sometimes when I look at the Christmas pictures, I just wish we had some snow. It looks so pretty when everything is covered by a blanket of pure white snow.


Jane: Living in southern California all my life, I have never seen snow. I would not mind playing in the snow once in a while.


Linda: Yes, it would be fun to make a snowman or go skiing.


Jane: We have never seen snow; we have never made a snowman, and we have never gone skiing. We better do something about this.


Linda: May be we should plan a trip to Aspen, Colorado during winter break. I heard that the skiing season is fantastic up there.


Jane: I don’t think we can afford a trip to Aspen. It is very expensive up there.


Linda: I am just wishing. I know what I will be doing during winter break. I will be working very hard to save money for a new car.


Jane: With the cars that we drive, it is better that we live in a place where there is no snow.


Linda: You are right, we are better off with no snow. Ok, I have class right now; see you later in the library.


Jane: See you later.


Conversation between 2 friends who are talking about the weather on their way to class

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