Formal introductions conversation between 3 people


What is the conversation between 3 people about?

This conversation is about Elsa who is introducing her friend Anna to Mark, who are both English teachers in Bangkok.


Formal introductions conversation

Formal introductions between 3 people conversation

ELSA. Mark, I’d like you to meet my friend Anna.

MARK. It’s nice to meet you, Anna.

ANNA. Pleasure to meet you, too.

ELSA. Anna is an English teacher in Bangkok. She also just finished writing a book on learning English grammar.

MARK. Oh? I am also a teacher. I work for a private school in Bangkok.

ANNA. Is your school Oxford High School, by any chance?

MARK. Yes. How did you guess?

ANNA. I’ve read your lessons plans you posted in a forum. They’re excellent and give me some great ideas.




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