Learning basic English for beginners online free PDF


Learning basic English lessons online free for beginners


Click on any of the basic English topics below that are based on beginners.

The basic English lessons are aimed at people of all ages who want to learn English.

These lessons are also good for people that need a quick refresh.

The topics / lessons are not in any order choose one you like or start at the first one and work your way through them.


Learning basic English lesson list


Body parts Learning Basic English

Body parts vocabulary 

pictures and words

Learning the alphabet. English basics

Learn the English


Animals learning English basics

Animals vocabulary 

pictures and words

Learning basic English books free in PDF


Basic English 

books free PDF

Colours learning basic English




Fruit. Learning basic English


Fruit vocabulary 

pictures and words

Numbers Learning basic English numbers


Numbers vocabulary 


Learning shape vocabulary in English basics 

Shapes vocabulary 

pictures and words

Learning vegetables. Learning basic English


Vegetables vocabulary 

pictures and words

A / an / the basic English grammar lesson in PDF 

How to use a / an

/the correctly

Learning the days, months and dates English lesson 

Days, months

dates vocabulary

Learning basic English sentences 

Over 300 basic

English sentences

Weather vocabulary. Learn the English words for weather and how to talk about it. Weather list from A to Z 

Weather vocabulary

Talking about weather




Learning English vocabulary free online for beginners


Learning basic English vocabulary


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