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List of basic English lesson free online PDF


Below is a list of  basic English lessons to help students and people learn English basic free nlne. 


Basic English for beginners 

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Basic English lessons list

Description of English lesson

Basic vegetables with pictures

Learning the basic vocabulary for vegetables 

English alphabet with pictures

Learn the alphabet using pictures

Human body parts

Vocabulary for parts of the body

Days dates and months in English

Learning about days, dates and months

Different ways to say hello and goodbye 

Different ways to say greetings and responses

Greeting and responses - Learning English basics

Very basic greetings and responses

Numbers 1 to 100 English vocabulary

Numbers vocabulary 1 - 100

Basic shape vocabulary

Learning about shapes

Different sea animals

Sea animals vocabulary

Feelings and emotions

Feelings and emotions pictures and video

Basic colours

Learn about colours and basic sentences using colours

Common animals 

Common animals vocabulary with pictures

Family members / family tree

Learning about family members / family tree pictures and video 

A /  An grammar lesson

How to use a / an correctly

8 parts of speech

Pictures and examples of 8 parts of speech 

Prepositions of place 

Examples of prepositions of place

12 verb tenses of English grammar  12 verb tenses basics with examples 


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Learning English basics using pictures

Learning English basics forum over 600 basic lessons available


Video of all the pictures from the lessons

Use this video to show students who can then repeat vocabulary after the teacher



Learning the English basics picture


Learning basic English free online


Learning English basics


List of basic English lessons to help with learning basic English


All pictures from the basic English lessons are available in PDF 


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